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FUE Hand vs Machine

FUE Hand vs Machine

FUE Hand vs Machine Manual FUE or hand operate. FUE is done on superficial skin which is very easy to access. Surgical light is perfect for any bald head. Eye hand coordination have no obstruction. In this situation hand movement for extraction along natural follicular curve is much better than any man made machine.

Arrector pilli muscle

Mustache, Beard Side burn Transplant

Arrector pilli muscle and hair regrow: Arrector pilli muscle connect with hair follicle at the middle portion just a little below the isthmus. 4 arrectot pillimuscle attaché between outer root sheath and the 4 skin crease .Hair follicle is at the intersection of this crease Arrector pilli muscle surround the hair bulge. The bulge is the […]

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